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Faculty Name : Dr. Vilas R. Chirde

Research Papers Publication
SrTitle With Page No.Name of the JournalYear of PublicationImpact FactorISSN/ISBN No
1Thermodynamical aspects of relativistic hydrodynamics in f(R;G) Gravity”International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics Jan. 2020, ISSN (print): 0219-8878 | ISSN (online): 1793-6977, , Reviewed & Referred Impact factor: 1.02220201.0221793-6977
2Analysis of general relativistic hydrodynamic cosmological models with stability factor in theories of gravitationGeneral relativity and Gravitation 11 july 2019, Springer ISSN Print.0001-7701 Web ver. 1572-95322019--1572-9532
3Volumetric Expansion of Accelerating Unstable Cosmological Model With Quadratic Form of Equation of State” International Journal of Development Research Vol. 09, Issue.7, pp28911-28919, July 2019, ISSN 2230-9926. 2019---2230-9926.
4Dynamics of Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy in f(R,T) Gravity with both Deceleration and AccerationBulgrian Journal of Physics , 46(2019), Pp-94-106. Sent in oct 2017. ISSN-1310-0157, Online ISSN;1314-2666.2017--1310-0157
5Singular and Non-singular magnetized anisotropic Dark energy Cosmological Model in f(R,T)Gravity Ajanta an International multidisciplinary journal Vol.VIII, Issue –I,part-III, Jan-March-2019, ISSN 2277-5730, P. No. 107-119, , Im.factor-5.5, UGC listed Peer Refereed journal no.40776.20195.52277-5730
6Strange Quark Matter attached To Cosmic String In f(R,T) Gravity’ Aayushi International Interdisciplinary Research Journal (AIIRJ) ISSN 2349-638x, Impact factor 4.574, Special Issue No. 26 P.No.1675-1680 UGC approved Sr No. 64259nt Trends in Sciencs and Technology ICRTST-2018.20184.57 2349-638x
7): Transition between general relativity and quantum gravity using quark and strange quark matter with some kinematical testIndian Academy of Science , journal of ( online) . Astrophys. And Astromy. (2018) 39:56 © Indian Academy of Sciences . Pp-56/1-8., online2018-----
8Interacting and Non-Interacting Holographic Gas Model of Dark energy in f(G) GravityInternational Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology ( IJSRST | Volume 4 | Issue 2 | Print ISSN: 2395-6011 | Online ISSN: 2395-602X, UGC approved no. 64011 Themed Section: Science and Technology, pp-935-943.Impact factor 5.32720185.322395-6011
9’Dynamic Minimally Interacting Holographic Dark Energy Cosmological Model In f(T) GravityIndian Journal of Physics June-2018 online.ISSN 0974-9845, print ISSN 0973-14582018--0974-9845
10Bianchi type III Cosmological model with linear equation of state in f(R) gravity.IJSRSETVol 3 Issue 6 Print ISSN 2395-1990 online ISSN: 2394-4099. Sept-Oct 2017. Pp.835-839. 2017--2394-4099
11Stability of accreting Universe with linear equation of state in f(T) gravity using hybrid expansion lawAstrofizika, Vol. 60, No.2, June-2017,pp: 277-289, ISSN 0571-7132(print) 1573-8191(ele)2017--1573-8191
12Quadratic Equation of State with Constant Deceleration Parameter in f(R) GravityInt. Journal of Theoretical Physics and Cryptography (IJTPC), Vol.13, March 2017.,Pp.14-19. ISSN NO.2322-31382017---2322-3138
13Thermo dynamical Accepts of non static plane symmetric universe with in f(R,T) gravity”Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol 6 Issue 11, Nov 2016, ISSN 2249-555X, Impact factor 3.919, IC value-74.50. , P.N.398-41020163.912249-555X
14Accelerating and Decelerating Cosmological Models With Strange Quark Matter Attached to Cosmic String In General Relativity”International Journal of Universal Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences ISSN: 2454-7271 Volume: 02, Issue: 01, Pages: 62-72, :June,2016.2016---2454-7271
15Bianchi Type V Cosmological Model with Wet Dark Fluid in Brans-Dicke Theory of GravitationInternational Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology| Volume 3 | Issue 05 | October 2016, ISSN (online): 2349-6010, P.N.62-722016--- 2349-6010
16Bianchi Type III Cosmological Models With Strange Quark Matter Attached to String Cloud In Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation and General theory of relativity ”Caribbean Journal of Science and techenology, Vol-4, pp. 920-930, June- 2016, ISSN :0799-3557.2016--0799-3557
17Plane symmetric Dark Energy Models in the form of Wet dark Fluid in f(R,T) Gravity”Journal of Astrophysics Astrology (April 2016) 37:15, DOI: 10.1007/s12036-016-9391-z., ISSN-0250-6335(p.version):0973-7758, (electro.version) P.N.15/1-162016---0973-7758
18Dark Energy Dominated Bianchi Type-VI0 Universe With Hybrid Expansion Law in f(R, T) Gravityin Prespace time journal Sept 2017, Vol 8 Issue-9 pp 1101-1112. ISSN No. 2153-8301, P.N. 1101-11122017--2153-8301
19Isotropic Background for Interacting Two Fluid Scenario Coupled with Zero Mass Scalar Field in Modified Gravityin Bulg. J. Phys.43(2016) Pp.156–169, Print, ISSN-1310-0157, Online ISSN;1314-2666.2016--1314-2666.
20Physical Aspects of Bianchi Type with quadratic equation of state in f(R) Gravity”Prespacetime Journal, March. 2016| Volume 7 | Issue 3 | pp. 456-466 ISSN No. 2153-83012016-- 2153-8301
21Hypersurface –Homogenous Models with Perfect Fluid and Dark Energy”Prespacetime Journal, January. 2016| Volume 1 | Issue 9 | pp. 113-125 ISSN No. 2153-8301.2016---2153-8301.
22LRS Bianchi Type –I Universe with both Deceleration and Acceleration in f(R,T) Gravity ”Prespacetime Journal, Sept. 2015| Volume 5 | Issue -10| pp. 929-942. ISSN No. 2153-8301.2015--2153-8301.
23Anisotropic Background for One-dimensional Cosmic String in f(T) GravityThe African Review of Physics (2015) 10:0057 Pp475-484.2015--10:0057
24Accelerating Universe, Dark Energy and Expontional f(t) Gravity”African Review of Physics (2015), 10:0020, ISSN 2223-6589., P.N.145-1512015--2223-6589
25Bianchi type-V Universe with wet Dark fluid in Scalar Tensor Theory of Gravitation”International Journal of advanced Research, Vol-3,, Issue-8, 1377-1388, Aug- 2015 ISSN 2320-5407.2015--2320-5407
26Accelerating Kantowski-Sachs Cosmological model in f(T) Gravity”Published in UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL CONFERENCE RECENT TRENDS IN MATHEMATICS & STATISTICS ISBN:978‐81‐925005‐4‐6, Pp 121-1292015--978‐81‐925005‐4‐6
27Dark Energy Cosmological Model in a Modified Theory of GravityAstrofizika, Vol. 58, No.1,March-2015,pp: 121-133. ISSN 0571-7132,(Print), 1573-8191(ele).2015---1573-8191
28Non-static Plane Symmetrical Cosmological Models with Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy by Hibrid Expansion law in f(R,T) GravityInternational Journal of Advanced Research, Vol-3,, Issue-9, 1377-1388, 2014, ISSN 2320-5407, pp 492-500.2014--2320-5407
29Interacting Two Fluid Viscous Dark Energy Models in Self Creation Cosmology”.African Review of Physics, (2014), 9:0050, pp399-409. ISSN 2223-65892014---2223-6589
30Baratropic Bulk Viscous FRW Cosmological Model in Teleparallel Gravity”Bulgarian Journal of Physics, Vol.41 (2014) PP: 258-273.[Print, ISSN-1310-0157, Online ISSN;1314-2666.2014--1314-2666
31Bianchi type-V Magnetised Bulk Viscous massive string Cosmological model in Sclar Tensor Theory of Gravitation”in International Journal of Mathematical Archive 5 (10), 2014, 208-216, ISSN 2229-5046.2014-- 2229-5046.
32Two Fluids Viscous Dark Energy Cosmological Models with Linearly Varying Deceleration Parameter in Self Creation Cosmology”Prespacetime Journal, Sept. 2014| Volume 5 | Issue 9 | pp. 894-904. ISSN No. 2153-83012014-- 2153-8301
33Cosmological models with Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy in Lyra GeometryInternational journal of advanced Research 2014 V0l. 2, Issue 6, PP 1103-1114., ISSN No.2320-5407, I F 1.65920141.652320-5407
34Bianchi Type Bulk Viscous String Cosmological Models In Modified Theory of GravityInt. Jour. of Scientific ResearchVol.3, Issue 5, May 2014. ISSN No. 2277-8179. I factor 1.8620141.862277-8179
35Five Dimensional Space-Time in General Relativity”.International Journal of Statistika and Mathematika, ISSN: 2277- 2790 E-ISSN: 2249-8605, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2013 pp 54-56, Impact factor 0.5.2013.5 2249-8605,
36Massive Mason Complex Scalar Waves Coupled with Gravitational and Electro-magnetic Waves in Plane SymmetryPrespacetime Journal 2 (11). ISSN No. 2153-8301.2012-- 2153-8301.
37Generalized line element for Z=t/z type Plane Gravitational wavesPrespacetime Journal2(12), ISSN No. 2153-8301., Dec. 2011, Pp-1974-1977.2013-- 2153-8301.
38String Cosmological model in Self Creation Cosmology.International Journal of Physical, Chemical & Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 2; No. 2: ISSN: 2278-683X (July-Dec. 2013).2013-- 2278-683X
39Six Dimensional Bianchi Type –I Universe With Wet Dark Fluid In General RelativityPrespacetime Journal| Aug. 2013 | Volume 4 | Issue 7 | pp. 690-704., ISSN No. 2153-8301.2013-- 2153-8301.
40Bianchi Type-I Universe with Wet Dark Fluid in Scalar-Tensor Theory of GravitationGlobal Journals Inc. (USA), Online ISSN: 2249-4626 & Print ISSN: 0975-5896, Volume 13 Issue 5 Version 1.0 Year 2013, P.N.25-322013--0975-5896
41): Bianchi Type-V Cosmological Model with Bulk Viscosity in Scale Covariant TheoryPrespacetime Journal| July 2013 | Volume 4 | Issue 6 | pp. 609-618 ,ISSN No. 2153-8301.2013--2153-8301.
42Non-Existence Plane Gravitational Waves with Massive Scalar Waves and Electromagnetic WavesInternational Journal of Physical, Chemical & Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 2; No. 1: ISSN: 2278-683X (Jan-June 2013). Pp-109-120.2013-- 2278-683X
43Axially Symmetric Dark Energy Cosmological Model In Scalar Tensor Theory of GravitationPrespacetime Journal, April 2012, Vol.3, Issue 6, PP.609-616, ISSN No. 2153-8301.2012-- 2153-8301.
44FRW Cosmological Solution in Self Creation Theory”International Journal of Theoretical physics DOI 10.1007/s10773-012-1106-x, Feb.2012. ISSN: 0020-7748. Online.2012--: 0020-7748.
45Bianchi Type-V Isotropic Cosmological Model With Strang Quark Matter Attached To Cosmic StringInternational Journal of Mathematical Archive-3(2),2012 , PP.426-431, ISSN No. 22293-5046.2013-- 22293-5046.
46The Z= (t/z)-Type Plane Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Waves with Massless Scalar Plane Waves and Massive Scalar Waves in Plane Symmetry”Prespacetime Journal, September 2011, Vol.2, Issue-9, PP.1377-1379, ISSN No. 2153-8301.2011--2153-8301.
47Plane Symmetric solutions of Einstein-Maxwell with the Co-Existence of Null Fluids and Null CurrentsAfrican Review of Physics 6:0019, PP.161-163. ISSN No. 2223-6589.2011-- 2223-6589.
48“The motion of test particle in Z=(t/z)-type plane gravitational waves in plane symmetryPrespacetime Journal, Vol.2, Issue-5, PP.651-655, ISSN No. 2153-8301.2011-- 2153-8301.
49Energy Momentum Pseudo Tensor In Higher Dimensional Space-Time”in Journal of Vectorial Relativity, JVR ,Vol.6, No.1, P.P 37-45,ISSN No. 1856-6847.2011-- 1856-6847.
50(z-t)-Type Plane Wave Solutions Of Weakened Field Equatoins *Prespacetime Journal, Vol.2,Issue-11 PP1854-1851, ISSN No. 2153-8301.2011--2153-8301.
51[(x+y+z)/sq3-t] -type plane wave solutions of the weakened field equations in general relativityPrespacetime Journal, Vol.2,Issue-1, PP33-41, ISSN No. 2153-83012011--- 2153-8301
52On The Wave Solution Of The Field Equations Of General Relativity In A Generalized Takeno’s Space-Time For (t/z)-Type Plane Gravitational WavesPrespacetime Journal, Vol.1, Issue-9, PP1376-1386, ISSN No. 2153-83012010--- 2153-8301
53Generalized Peres Plane Wave-Like Solutions In General Projective Relativity.Journal of Vectorial Relativity, JVR, Vol.5, No.1, P.P 17-21, ISSN No. 1856-6847.2010-- 1856-6847.
54On Plane Gravitational Waves gij(Z), Z=sq3 t/(x+y+z) Reflection des ERA, Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 5, pp. 37-44;ISSN No. 0973-4597.2010--- 0973-4597.
55Some Geometrical Aspect of the Plane Symmetric Space-time.Applied Science Periodical in Vol.XI, No.3,ISSN No.0972-5504.2009---0972-5504.
56Plane gravitational wave of Z=(t/z) -type of WFE in general relativity, Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society Kolkata Vol.99, No.4, (2007),PP 425-432. ISSN No. 0970 – 8596.2007-- 0970 – 8596.
57The space-time P’Vidrabha journal of Science, VOL.II, No.1, 2007, P.N.4-7. 2007----
58Some Properties Of Purely Plane Gravitational Waves gij (Z). Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society, Vol.30, No.1-3, P.N.7-12, ISSN No.0970-8596. 2007---.0970-8596.
59Non-Existence Of Gravitational Plane Waves With Massive Meson Complex Scalar Waves and Coupled With Electromagnetic WavesThe Mathematics Education in Vol.XLI, No.3, ISSN No.0047-6269.2007--.0047-6269.
60Plane Symmetric Inhomogeneous Models in Presence of Massive Scalar Field and Prefect Fluid Distribution in General RelativityAryabhata Research Journal of Physical Sciences, Ara (Bihar) India, Vol.9, NOS 1-2, (2006). ISSN No.0972 – 24322006--.0972 – 2432
61The Coordinate System In Which gaα = 0, For The Plane Gravitational Waves Z = (z-t) Type & Z = (t/z) Type.Applied Science Periodical in Vol.VIII, No.4, Nov.2006, ISSN No.0972-550, P P 265-267.2006--0972-550
62Plane Wave Solutions of Einstein-Maxwell Equations Coexisting With Null Fluids and Null Currents Acta Ciencia Indica Vol. XXXII M, No. 2,Pp. 619-623 (India), ISSN No. 0970-0455.2006--- 0970-0455.
63The Coordinate System In Which gaα = 0, For The Plane Gravitational Waves Z = (z-t) Type & Z = (t/z) Type In Six Dimension.Acta Ciencia Indica, Vol. xxxi, M. No.3,855,(2005)2005----
64The Coordinate System In Which gaα = 0, For The Plane Gravitational Waves Z = (z-t) Type & Z = (t/z) Type In Six Dimension.Acta Ciencia Indica, Vol. xxxi, M. No.3,855,(2005)2005----
65Plane Gravitational Waves gij(Z) Of The Einstein’s Field Equation For Z=(x+y+z)/sq3-tBulletin Of Pure and Applied SciencesVol.24E (No.1), P.217-220, ISSN No. 0970-6577. 2005--. 0970-6577.
66Plane Gravitational Waves In Z=sq3 t/(x+y+z) Four Dimensional Space-Time For  Science journal of GVISH, VOL.I,P.N.18-20. 2004----
67Plane Gravitational Waves In Four Dimensional Space-Time For Z=(x+y+z)/sq3-tScience journal of GVISH, VOL.I, P.N.1-3. 2004----

Publications other than journal articles (books, chapters in books)
SrTitle With Page No/Chapter With Page NosBook Title, editor & publisherPublication International / National/LocalISSN/ISBN No.Year of Publication
1Elements of Calculus (Differential & Integral)Elements of Calculus (Differential & Integral)National978-81-88763-55-92015

Paper delivered in Conferences / Seminars
SrTitle of the Paper presentedTitle of Conference /SeminarDetails of Host InstituteInternational /National/State/Regional/University or College LevelYear
1Co-ordinate System In Which gaα = 0 For The Plane Gravitational Waves Z = (z-t) And Z=(t/z) In Five Dimensions National Seminar on Recent Advances In Applied Mathematics, Andhara Uni. Visakhapatanam, 2004.Dept.of Mathematics Andhra University, Visakhapatnam held on 1st July 2004National2004
2Plane Gravitational Waves gij(Z) 0f Einstein’s Field Equation’s For Z=(x+y+z)/sq3- tNational Seminar on “Theory of Relativity”, Nag. University, Nagpur, 2004.Dept. of Maths, Nag. University, Nagpur, 2004.National Seminar2004
3Plane Gravitational Waves gij(Z) 0f Einstein’s Field Equation’s For Z=(x+y+z)/sq3-tNational Seminar on“Recent Trades in Mathematics And its Applications”, Govt. P B College Dhamtari Chhttisgarh, 2004.Dept of Mathematics Govt. P B College Dhamtari Chhttisgarh, 2004.National Seminar2004
4Some Properties Of Purely Plane Gravitational Waves gij(Z), For Z=(x+y+z)/sq3-tInternational Conference on Relativity, Amr.University, Amravati, 2005.Dept. of Maths. Amr.University, Amravati, 2005.International2005
5(x+y+z)/sq3-t -type plane wave solutions of the weakened field equations in general relativityNational conference on emerging trends in Engg. & technology Frontier, B N College Pusad, 2007.Dept. of Maths. B N College Pusad, 18-Dec-2007.National Conference2007
6Generalized Line Element For -Type Plane Gravitational WavesNational Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics NCRTM, GVISH Amravati., 2009.Dept. of Maths. GVISH Amravati., 2009.National Conference2009
7Generalized Plane Wave Solutions Of Weakened Field Equations In General RelativityState level seminar on “Recent Developments in Relativity (RDR-09)”, S. Chaudhari Science College Warud Dist. Amravati.Dept. of Maths. S. Chaudhari Science College Warud Dist. Amravati.State Level Seminar2009
8Geometric And Physical Properties Of Generalized Peres Space-TimeNational Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics and its applications in Astronomy NCRTMAA-2010.Dept. of Maths. Mungasaji Maharaj Mahavidyalaya Darwha Dist- Yavatmal -2010.National Conference2010
9String Cosmological model in Self Creation CosmologyNational level Conference on “Developing Frontiers of Physics, Astronomy and Space Sciences” DFPASS-2010Dept. of Maths. RLT College of Science, Akola ,2010National Conference2010
10The -Type Plane Wave Solutions of The Field Equations Of General Relativity In A Generalized Takeno Space-TimeNational Conference on “Recent Trends In Engineering Sciences” NCRTES-2010Dept. of Maths. B. Nandurkar College of Eng & Technology, Yavatmal -11-12 Oct-2010National Conference2010
11FRW Cosmological Solution In Self Creation Theory13th Interational Conference of the Interational Academy of Physical SciencesUniversity of Petrolium and Energy Studies, Deharadun, 14-16 June 2011International Conference2011
12Bianchi type VI Cosmological Model Strange Quark Matter attach with Cosmic String77th Annual Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society School of Mathematical Sciences SRTM University Nanded, 27-30 Dec. 2011International2011
13Axially Symmetric Dark Energy Cosmological Model In Scalar Tensor Theory of GravitationState Level Seminar on Recent advances in Applied MathematicsDept. Of Maths , Dayanand Science College Latur 24-25 Feb 2012State Level Seminar2012
14Bianchi type-V Cosmological model with Bulk viscosity in Scale Covariant Theory National Conference On Role of Basic Sciences in Emerging Industrial ScenarioDept. of Maths Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research Badnera on 8 April 2012National Conference2012
15Bianchi Type-V Magnetized Dark Energy Cosmological Model In General RelativityInternational Conference on Mathematical Sciences”, NagpurShri Shivaji Science College Nagpur, 28-31 Dec. 2012,International Conference2012
16Einstein-Rosen Cosmological Model With Bulk Viscosity and Zero Mass Scalar Field In General RelativityNational Conference On Mathematical Sciences NCMS-2013Shri Dr R G Rathod Arts and Science College 18-19 Jan. 2013, Murtijapur.National Conference2013
17Bianchi Type-I Universe with Wet Dark Fluid In Scalar-Tensor Theory of GravitationNational conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics, NCRTM-2013GSG College Umarkhed 21-09-2013National Conference2013
18Bianchi type VI0 Cosmological models with Anisotropic Dark Energy in Lyra GeometryNational conference on Recent Trends in MathematicsGSG College Umarkhed 21-09-2013National Conference2013
19Plane symmetrical some Geometrical aspects of space-timeNational conference on Recent Trends in MathematicsGSG College Umarkhed, 21-09-2013National Conference2013
20Bianchi Type Magnetised Bulk Viscous Massive String Cosmological Model In Scalar Tensor Theory of GravitationNational Conference on “Recent Trends in Pure and Applied Mathematics” 9 to 11 Jan-2014Dept. Of Mathhematics Science College Nanded,National Conference2014
21Bulk Viscous Cosmological Model in f(T) Theory of Gravity5th National Conference on Engineering Applications of Mathematics Dept of Engineering Sciences MIT Alndi, Pune 5-6 June 2014National Conference2014
22Interacting Two Fluid Viscous Dark Energy Models in Self Creation Cosmology“International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical (ICRAM-2014)” Dept. of Mathematics PGTD RTMU Nagpur, 20-30 Dec. 2014, Nagpur.International Conference2014
23Anisotrppic Background for Magnetised Dark Energy in f(R,T) GravityInternational Conference on General Relativity-2015”.Dept. of Mathematics SGBAU Amravati, 25-28 Nov. 2015International Conference2015
24Two fluid Cosmological Model with Zero Mass Sclar Field in f(R) GravityNational Conference in Recent Advances in Mathematical Sciences-2016”.Dept. of Mathematics SGBAU Amravati, 17-18 June. 2016National Conference2016
25Powar law solution for the general class of Bianchi Type Cosmological Models with linear equation of state in f(R) gravityIntentional conf. on mathematical Analysis and its Applications ICMAA-2017)Dept. of Mthematics Dayanand Science college Latur, 5-9 March 2017International Conference2017
26Quadratic Equation of State with Constant Deceleration Parameter in f(R) GravityInternational conf on “Recent advances in Physical Sciences and Future Challences” (CONIAPS XX) Ab Pp. 158Dept. of Mthematics Osmania University Hydrabad 14-16 June 2017.International Conference2017
27Strange Quark Matter attached to Cosmic String In f(R T) gravityInternational conf on “Recent Trends in Sciences and Technology” Dept. of Mthematics SSSKR Innani Mahavidyala Karanja (Lad) 22-23March 2018.International Conference2018
28Signature Flipping of isotropic Homogeneous Space- time with holographic Dark energy in f(G) Gravity,International conf on “Advances in Physical, Chemical and Mathematical SciencesDept. of Mthematics RTM University Nagpur, 13-16 Feb 2020.International Conference2020

Research Projects
SrTitle of the projectSanction YearName of Funding AgencyFunds ReceivedYear of Submission
1Study of cosmological models in theories of gravitation2008UGC900002010

Faculty Name : Dr. Vijay P. Kadam