Department of Marathi & Marathi Literature

Department Faculty Details

No Image Dr. A. S. Joshi
M. A. (Marathi)B. Ed., SET
Associate Prof. & H. O. D.
Mobile : 9420550671
E-Mail :

No Image Dr. V. R. Jiwatode
M. A. (Marathi) B. Ed. NET, Ph.D.
Asso. Prof.
Mobile : 9404135870
E-Mail :

No Image Prof.Atul Wankhede
M. A. (Marathi, Economics, Political science)B. Ed.
Asst Proffessor
Mobile : 9970761925
E-Mail :

The college is established in the year 1966.  In the beginning Arts and Commerce faculties were started.  Marathi department is one of the biggest and important department in the college.  The department gives the knowledge of two important and essential subjects.  Compulsory Marathi and Marathi Literature as an optional subject.  
           The department has been continuously providing the knowledge of Marathi Literature.  It also gives all the information in the area of Marathi Literature.  It gives the information about current affairs to the students.  The department has established the “Marathi Bhasha Ani Vangmaya Mandal” i.e. “Marathi Language and literature Society” Which imparts the knowledge about all the Co-curricular activities.  In this session “Monthly Story and Poetry Competition” &“Marathi writing rules project” has conducted by this society.  “Essay competition” on various topics in the curriculum & “Seminar competition” has also conducted by the department in this session.
            In the session 2013-14 department has arranged Yavatmal District Essay competition on the subject “Vachan Sanskriti Aani Manavi Jeevan”( Reading culture & Human life) &“Dnyanpeeth Purskrut Kusumagraj.”( Dnyanpeeth awarded poet Kusumagraj ) On the event of Golden Jubilee year of the SantGadgebaba Amravati University, Amravati level Essay Competition organized by Department of Marathi in the session 2015-16. Associate Professor 
 and Head Department of Marathi edited book as a Co-Editor, entitled “ Marathi Kadambari Pravaha va Samiksha ” is selected as a reference book for M.A. Marathi syllabus in the session 2017-18 by B.O.S., S.G.B. Amravati University Amravati. Ph.D. degree awarded to Assistant Professor Mr. Vitthal R. Jiwatode by R.T.M. Nagpur university Nagpur in the session 2017-18.

The department’s previous results are satisfactory. 
           Prof. G. V. Karandikar had been working in the year 1966 -67.  Well known poet & Feminist writer Prof. Prabha Ganorkar had been working in the year 1967 – 1968.  Prof. G. B. Wankar had been working in the year 1967-1970.  Prof. R. K. Kulkarni had been working in the year 1970 – 1999.  Dr. B. D. Joshi had been working in the year 1967–2003. 
           Now, Associate Professor Abhay Subhash Joshi is working since 19 September 2000, now as the Head of the Department & Asst. Prof. Vitthal Rama Jiwatode is working in the department since 29 September 2000.
          Our Management has started the post graduate course (M.A. Marathi) since 2009.
          Asst.  Prof. A. S. Joshi, Asst. Prof. V. R. Jivtode are also working for P. G. Department. &  Mr. N.B. Jadhav, Mr. A. J. Suryawanshi, Mr. S.V. Pingle are working as C. H. B. teachers for M. A. Marathi.

Details of Faculty


Name of faculty





Mr. A. S. Joshi

M. A. (Marathi)
B. Ed., SET


Associate Prof.
& H. O. D.

First Merit with three Gold medals in M.A. Marathi exam.
Second Merit in B.Ed. exam. SET cleared in first attempt


Dr. V. R. Jiwatode

M. A. (Marathi)
B. Ed. NET, Ph.D.



Research Area

Priority area of the research of the faculty Asst. Prof. A. S. Joshi is “Study of story & Novels in Marathi Literature after 1960.’’Priority are of the research of faculty, Asst. Prof. Vitthal R. Jivtode is “Study of Poetry, Drama & Ideological Literature.”

Minor Research project of Asst. prof. A. S. Joshi is completed. Asst. Prof. V. R. Jiwatode is working on minor research project, details about ongoing project


Achievement and Awards

Associate Professor & Head A. S. Joshi is awarded by Padmagandha Pratisthan, NagpurStatelevel “Ram Bhonde Katha Puraskar”  For his story collection “Baki Urte Shoonya.

Asst.  Prof. V. R. Jiwatode is awarded by Indian NET, SET Association “INSA’s Vidya Bhushan Award.”


Extension Activities 

On the occasion of "Marathi Bhasha Savvardhan Pandharwada" (1 January to 15 January) Prof. Abhay Joshi delivered Speech in the Workshop organised by Civil Court, Umarkhed on Dt. 15 January 2020.
          On the "Inter-national Mother Tongue Day" 21 February 2020, Marathi Department organised "Essay Competition" on the topic "Higher Education through Mother Tongue." 41 students participated in the competition.
      Every year, The Birth Anniversary of welknown Marathi Writer & Poet Kusumagraj alias Vishnu Waman Shirwadkar is celebrated as "Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Diwas" 27 February 2020, On this occasion; Marathi department celebrated by various activities and programme. Chief Guest of the programme, wel known Marathi Writer Mr. Deepak Deshmukh guided the students and told that every person must use Marathi Language in daily routine & activities. On this occasion, "Poetry Reading Competition" organised by the dept. 12 students poet & 2 Teacher poet read their poems. Gifts and certificates gave to the winners and all Participants students by the department at the end of the program. 


     Faculty Dr. V. R. Jiwatode is selected by S. G. B. Amravati University as Ph. D. Supervisor for Marathi subject.


Book Publication

H.O.D., Asst. Prof. Abhay S. Joshi has written four Books…..
1) Katarweli (Story collection), Publisher – Vijay Prakashan, Nagapur.
2) Baki Urate Shoonya… (Story collection), Publisher – Vijay Prakashan, Nagapur.
3) Sanj Sawlyanchya Pradeshat. (article collection), Publisher – Vijay Prakashan,Nagapur.
4) Marwyat Dokawtana (Critics), Publisher – Vijay Prakashan, Nagapur.
5) He has contributed as a combine editor and published marathi critic book
    entitled “Marathi Kadambari : Pravah
    Va Sammeksha.”   
Publisher – Nabh Prakashan, Amravati.

Associate  Professor A. S. Joshi and Assistant Professor Dr. V. R. Jiwatode has published research paper regularly in various research journals, Seminar & National Conference.