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No Image Dr. Vijay P. Kadam
M.Sc.Ph D.
HOD and Assistant Professor
Mobile : 9423613054
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About department

The department is existed in the institute in 1990, i.e. at the time of opening of the science stream. Till this academic session number of students passes out with first class degree. Many of them have completed their post graduation in mathematics and occupied higher placement in various fields. 
To orient and create interest in mathematics among the students we have to formed “Mathematical club”  in the department. Under this club we hold the students seminar on different topics and also discuss the problems related with the competitive examination. Every year our students are participated in the intercollegiate seminar competition, which are held at different colleges. This  activity is run by the department of mathematics SGB Amravati University Amravati.


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Dr.  Vilas R Chirde

M. Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.


Associate Professor


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Shri . Vijay P Kadam

M. Sc.


Assistant professor




Research Area

Einstein’s general theory of relativity is an excellent theory of gravitation, which describes gravitational phenomena successively. It has formed a base for various models of the universe. Since Einstein stated that in general theory of relativity Mach’s principle is not substantiated. In recent years there has been considerable interest in alternatives of gravitation by incorporating certain desired features which are lacking in the original theory. Brans-Dicke (1961) developed Mach’s principle in a relativistic frame-work by assuming interaction of inertial masses of fundamental particles with same cosmic scalar field coupled with the large scale distribution of matter of motion. Brans-Dicke theory is a scalar tensor theory of gravitation in which the tensor field is identified with the space-time of Riemannian geometry and scalar field is alien to geometry. Barber (1982) proposed two modified theories known as self- creation theories. But the first theory violets equivalence principle, therefore this theory is inconsistent. Barber’s second theory is a modification of general relativity to a variable general theory and predicts local effects which are within the observational limits. The consistency of Barber’s theory motivates us to study cosmological model in this theory. Several cosmologists studied this theory.

Cosmological models play a vital role in the understanding of the Universe around us. The present day universe appears on astronomical considerations are of  Fridman- Robertson-Walker type. That is the standard FRW cosmological models which prescribes a homogeneous and  isotropic distribution for it’s matter content, has been quite successful in describing the present state of the universe. Fridmann (1922) was the first to investigate the most general, non-static homogenous and isotropic space-time describe by R-W metric. The model is used as a first approximation for the standard big-bang cosmological model of universe.

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Study of cosmological models in theories of gravitation.


Rs. 90,000/-

Dr V R Chirde







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Shri. Pramod N Rahate


Study of Cosmological Models in General relativity.


Shri . Vijay P Kadam


Study of Some Physical and geometrical Aspects of Cosmological Models in Gravitation Theries






Facilities Details

  • Class room
  • Internet 
  • Library 



The department also provides the consultancy services to the students of this region. Student having keen interest in mathematics and competitive examination consult with us. On charitable basis we provide consultancy services through “extra coaching class “


Extension Activities of Department

In competition examination student have to solve questions on mathematics in very short duration. Viewing this point the department hold a workshop on “Some Mathematical tricks” to solve the problems by using “Vedic Mathematics”


Achievement & Awards

  • Dr V R Chirde:- i. Attended  Nine Conference, Nine Seminar and Eight Workshops, and presented papers.

ii. Published 23 papers in national and international journals.

  • Shri V P Kadam Attened Three Seminar and two work shop.

It is the matter of great pleasure and proud that,

  • Miss. Bharati R Jadhao, she was topper in 2000-2001, from Amravati University, Amravati.
  •  Miss Suchita O Bondhare after completing her graduation in Mathematics went to America for further education M S.
  • The result of B. Sc. III for 2006-07, 2009-10 is 100%.


Publication of Faculty

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23] “FRW Cosmological Solution in Self Creation Theory”

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Students of Mathematics Department participated in university level students seminars compitation held at science college murtizapur and Rutuja shinde got second prize .