Dr. Sarala P. Nimbhorkar

B.Sc. M.Lib & I Sc. M. Phil. Ph.D.

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Mo.No. – 9405153146


            Umarkhed Taluka is a neglected, economically and educationally backward area of Yavatmal District.  Keeping in mind the need the Yavatmal Zilla Kunbi Samaj sanstha established Smt. Gopikabai Sitaram Gawande College to provide value base and carrier oriented education for the poor and down trodden students or the Umakhed Tehsil and make their cultured and responsible citizen of the country the college is affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.  It has a very good large and well - equipped library and learning resource centre which is bringing remarkable educational change in the life of the students.  Since last 51 years.

            The college has modified and computerized library and learning resource centre with the financial assistance of Dr. Henry & Mrs Suzanne Croci the bosom American friend of late, Dr. Atmaramji Gawande, the Godfather of the college.

            At present there are 3252 visiting members of the library. There are 31457 books, 42 Journals, 1470 reference books 193 C.D.3, 54 D.V.S. 206 Journals bound volumes and N-list are available in the library.  The carpet area of the library is 392.65, sq. m.  including a reading hall of 140.95 sq. mtr. A stockroom of 191.63 sq. mtr. , xerox section, 31.62 sq. mtr.  internet. Cabin 15.31 and a cabin of 18.12 sq. mtr. For the librarian.  



Staff Member :-

            Mr. C.P. Goswami                  Clerk

            Mr. P.M. Wankhede               Lib. Att.

            Mr. V.R. Pote                         Lib. Att.

            Mr. V.S. Nalawade                 Lib. Att.

            Mr. S.V. Raut                         Lib. Att.


Information Technology Facilities :-

  • Automation of Library using Lib-man software
  • Open Access
  • Bar –Coded user card and books
  • OPAC services
  • Online Services (Network Resource Center)
  • Book Reservation
  • Book Bank
  • Access to INFLIBNET through internet N-list (Consortia)
  • Newspaper Clipping Services.
  • New arrival display
  • Reprographic Services
  • Access to current issues and back volumes of periodicals
  • Reference and information services
  • Old que. Paper & syllabus
  • Institutional Repository of Research Papers published in Journals/ conferences in E-Granthalaya, library software.
  • Competitive Exam Books sections.
  • Inter library loans.






Rules and Regulations :-

  • Library access is open for all stakeholders
  • P.G. students can borrow 5 books at a time for 15 days.
  • U.G. students can borrow 3 books and junior students 2 books at a time for 15 days.
  • If a students wishes to retain any book for more than the specified period, it may be reissued to him/her, if others do not need it.
  • Students failing to return books in time will be charged Rs. 1/- per day per book as late fee.  Absence from the college on any ground will not be accepted as a reason for delay in returning books.
  • If a students loses a book, the book should be either replaced or he / she should pay the amount.
  • Bound volumes of periodicals will not be issued in any case.  However they will be available for reference in  Library.
  • Reference Books / Reference Copy will not be issued.
  • Journal / Periodical will not be issued.
  • The library is under the surveillance of CCTV.
  • Library membership is compulsory for availing library facilities.