Department of Zoology

Year of Establishment

The department was established in 1966. 


Programmes offered

UG & PG in Zoology  



Dr. Dhanraj V. Tayade
Head & Associate Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Experience: 30 years
Area of Research: Ecology, Animal Physiology, Limnology
Mobile No.: 9404525904

Dr. Dinesh K. Dabhadkar
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D., INSPIRE Fellow(JRF, SRF) DST, Govt. of India
Experience: 5 year
Area of Research: Reproductive Biology, Molecular Biology, Field Biodiversity, Anthropology
Mobile No.: 9850764332


Dr. Sandeep M. Chede
Assistant Professor
M.Sc.(Zoology), M.Sc.(Herbal Medicine), B.Ed., Ph.D.
Experience: 2 years
Area of Research: Molecular Biology, Field Biodiversity, Anthropology
Mobile No.: 9730433151



            The Zoology Department has a University recognized research laboratory for Ph.D. students. The Zoology Department has all appropriate instruments and equipment to conduct experiments and demonstrations.


Core Courses:

The Zoology Department offers a full time six semester teaching course leading to GSG’s UG programmes. The department also offers four semesters teaching courses at the Masters level in Zoology.

            The Zoology Department admits students for research leading to M.Phil. / Ph.D. degrees. The prime aim of the Zoology Department is to inspire students to cherish and improve research experiments. We, the faculty of the department also aim to communicate our research findings of Limnology, Ethnobiology, Animal Physiology, Avian Biology and Entomology to the surrounding community to maximize our research’s benefits. We hope to contribute to the overall integration of scientific knowledge and research methods to the greater Umarkhed area. At the same time, we have aimed to make tune with nationwide global research activities since the establishment of the Zoology Department. We plan our activities to be applicable in both rural and global contexts.

Recognized Research Supervisors: Dr. Dhanraj V. Tayade

Research Contributions of Faculties:



Name of Faculty

Research papers

Research Projects


Dr. Dhanraj V. Tayade




Dr. Dinesh K. Dabhadkar




Dr. Sandeep M. Chede




Extension Services:

The Zoology Department is now in a position to offer consultancy services to the farmers with respect to the water quality testing, crop-pest management and vermicompost. The Department has facilities to analyze various parameters of drinking water and also provides consultancy to the Department of Forests to help identify insects species. The faculty has been extending its services by counseling farmers on crop pests and pesticides, female feticides, the importance of education in the community, eradication of superstitions, health and hygiene, and personality development / communication skills. 

Our department also runs various extension activities such as health services (ex. blood group testing), local medicinal plant information workshops, and other community focused programmes (ex. Stress relieving programmes).