Department of English

SrTitle of the practiceObjectiveContextPracticeOutcomeChallenges
1A. Caligraphy Competition:To enhance writing skill of students and to involve them in co-curricular activities initiated by the department.It has been seen that the students are nostalgic towards writing in English.many students have the skill and quality to write legibly and artistically. The department wanted to provide opportunity to those students whose handwriting is their asset. In order to make them proactive the competition is being stared. The department has been organizing Calligraphy competition for the students of GSG senior college. This is a consecutive fourth year of the competition. Every year the activity is getting overwhelming response from the students. Every year the number of participants are increasingly showing their interest in this competition that is what the success of the event. So far, the department has not faced any challenge to conduct this activity.
2B. Book Donation to Needy StudentsTo assist needy students in learning the subject.Many economically weak students are admitted every year whose major difficulty is avalability of books. The department commits to help such students in their studies. It is an initiative of the department to donate English textbooks to students who are needy. The books are donated by the students of previous class. Once the students are promoted to next class the same books are transferred to the new batch.The activity is purely based on students’ contribution.Therefore their is limited students who received help.To get old books and identify the needy students is big challenge before the department.