Department of Zoology

Extension Services:

The department admits the students for research leading to M.Phil. / Ph.D. degrees. The department is now in a position to offer consultancy services to the farmers with respect to the Water Quality Testing, Crop pest management and Vermicompost. The department has facilities to analyze various parameters of drinking water. The department provides consultancy to Department of Forest for identification of Insects species. The faculty has been extending its services by counseling farmers on crop pests and pesticides, female feticides, importance of education to the community, eradication of superstition, health and hygiene and personality development and communication skill. 
            Our department also runs various extension activities like Vyasanmukti Scheme, Blood Group Testing, Do Your Self, Bone Density Check Up, Water and Food for Birds, Pulse Polio Movement, Stop Diabetes Movement, Dr. Radhakrishnan Mentor Scheme, Local Medicinal Plants and Their Application, Environment Awareness Program, Natural Photography Workshops, Old Books Collection Programs, Eco-friendly Store Grain Management, Stress Relieving Program and Documentation of Biodiversity of Local Animals.