Department of Physics  
  About department  

The department of physics was established along with the inception of science faculty in June 1990. Physics, one of the basic science subjects, is opted with mathematics, chemistry and computer.  Most of the students are from educationally deprived group of the society and have average competency in the subject.

Started in a small room, the physics laboratory is very spacious. Dark room to conduct optics experiment, computer with broad band internet connectivity, research lab, and adequate modern instruments for UG courses are features of Physics department. Departmental library facility along with study material question bank is available for student

The faculty of the department work hard with the student to equip them for higher studies. We believe in “I do, I understand”. Keeping this in mind the faculty instituted various lab oriented activities which indoctrinate CREATIVITY among student. The students are trained to design low cost experimental setup.

The students are motivated to participate in intercollegiate seminar and experiment demonstration competition..  Continuous evaluation of student is through unit test, numerical solving ability, assignments, and seminars.

Faculty is attending academic conferences and presented the research work. One of our faculty is availing leave for PhD degree under UGCs FIP scheme.

The department keeps track of their alumni and always help them to choose right career.

  Details of Faculty  


Dr S R Vadrabade



Asso. Professor


D L Arakh



Assi. Professor


Dr. Praful D Shirbhate

M.Sc. Ph. D.


Assistant Professor

  Research Area  

Faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research  
 activities. The trust areas of research are

  1. Physico-chemical properties of Molecular sieves(Zeolites)
  2. Synthesis and characterization of Organic LED materials.

Dr S R Vadrabade has Completed minor research Project on “ Microsurface Studies of  mineral acid treated zeolites”. The department has collection of  zeolite crystals and allied minerals. The survey of presence of zeolites in Umarkhed  tahasil  has been undertaken and presence of Apophyllite Crystals in Umarkhed Tahasil has been reported.

  Facilities Details  
1 Electronics Educational Kits Offer Low cost Educational Kits for UG Dr S R Vadrabade
2 Equipment Maintenance facility The Department Offer Services and undertake Maintenance work of Equipments. Dr S R Vadrabade
3 Single Crystals Crystals of Calcite and Apophyllite are available for Educational Institutes Only Dr S R Vadrabade
  Achievement & Awards