Department of NSS  
  The NSS Unit was introduced in this college in 1979. A unit of eighty students was granted to this college in 1979. Then the number has now increased up to 450 (including girls unit). The aim of NSS is to promote national consciousness and a sense of social Responsibility, Discipline and Dignity of labour and to help students to develop their personality. NSS programs starts from 6th August every year on the eve of memorial day of Shri. Narayan Patil by plantation. More than 100 Boys and 50 Girls participate in NSS every year.
  Details of co-ordinator  
1 S.B.Waghmare M.Sc.Chemistry 9423207038 Asso.Professor


Prof K S Navsagre

M.Com, M.A. (Eco), B.Ed. SET



  NSS volunteers
  100 Male 50 Female  
  Programs held for NSS
15th August Voluntary Day
5th September Teacher's Day, Orientation
24th September National Service Scheme Day(Orientation and Voluntary)
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti (Service Day)
31th October National Integration Day
9th November Shri. Sitaram Gawande Memorial Day
10th December Human Rights Day
20th December Shri. Gadge Baba Memorial Day (Orientation)
12th January Youth Day;
19th January Awareness Day
26th January Republic Day
30th January Martyres Day
  • A 8 day camp is held every year at Marsool in which different activities are taken.
  Major Projects Implemented by this Unit
  • Adoption of Village
  • Digging and Excavation of Wells
  • Reconstruction of Roads
  • Forestations and Tree Plantation
  • Conducting Literacy Classes
  • Water Shed Project